Research at The Norwegian School of Economics

A master study in econometrics carried out fall 2015 at The Norwegian School of Economics has studied the effect of digital dictionaries in Norwegian schools. By using sophisticated statistical models it was shown that the previous version of Clarify led to significantly better grades in foreign languages in Norwegian high schools.

Large impact

The positive effect on grades was measured to 0,3 standard deviations. This relates to an improvement of average grade of between 0,14 and 0,18 grade points, on a scale from 1 through 6. If you compare this improvement to the cost of the software, you get a high "return" on investment, the master thesis concludes.

Further potensial

It was further concluded that one expects to see similar positive effects in earlier stages of the education system, due to the digitalization schools are going through. In addition one can potentially achieve even larger effects than the observed if more students use digital dictionaries. Our previous software was only compatible with Windows, while Clarify is available on all platforms. Based on this we have reason to believe that the effect will be even larger for Clarify, than what the study showed.